IMAG4158Yesterday morning was foggy. I rather enjoy fog in the woods, it’s eerie, otherworldly. In these conditions, my mind easily conjures faeries…

Later, when I was flicking through the photos I’d taken, I couldn’t help being struck by their graphic quality – the picture above is merely cropped, nothing else, – but to me it looks like a pencil and charcoal study on a textured watercolour paper.

And this is where I was walking.




Patterns in nature…

IMAG4019The recent high winds, have wrought havoc in the hedgerow along the lane where I walk the Delinquent Dog. Three times since November the lane has been blocked by fallen trees.

The farmers have done a good job of removing the debris, but this gnarled and rotten old trunk has been left at the side of the field, no doubt a wonderful home for tiny wildlife. I’m just fascinated by the shapes and textures. Every day I seem to see something different.

IMAG3972 IMAG3941