Flaming June…

Well then, another eventful week, we’re certainly living in interesting times…


Anyway, I’m all behind again and this time it’s entirely my own fault. I’ve been having a look at a different website platform, and naturally the only way to decide if it does what I want is to try to use it. And there you have it, a learning curve that’s more like a vertical cliff.

So I’ve spent an entire day attached to my computer with practically nothing to show for it (no, actually with nothing at all to show for it) and now I’m not convinced if it’s really for me, my head aches and I can’t decide if I should go back to it again tomorrow or give up now.

And Theresa May thought she was having a bad day…

But on a brighter note, it’s been a lovely week in the lane despite some really torrential rain. The poor dog roses have suffered badly, but for some reason the elderflowers appear to have thrived on the rain, I’m sure they’re looking better now than they did before. The sloes are beginning to form their tart little fruits – there will be sloe gin this year. And the bees have been my companions every day this week, I can’t help thinking they’ve been out on a bit of a binge.

I’m off to visit one of those historic houses I’d most love to move in to on Monday – so forgive the lack of history today, I’ll make up for it next week, promise.







Thank you so much to everyone who contacted me after receiving the last edition of ‘Loose Threads’ – I very much appreciate it and I hope you’ll keep giving me your feedback. If you’d like to receive a copy of the next issue just fill in the annoying little pop-up next time you’re here (you’ll only need to do that once).

Happy stitching…





9 thoughts on “Flaming June…

  1. I think I had my bad day yesterday – today felt more productive – thankfully mine didn’t involve a whole nation! Beautiful pictures -mobile or camera? I have noticed quite a few bees – I love to hear them buzzing around. Haven’t had time to digest your Loose Threads issue yet but had a quick squint and it does look inviting – I need a little bit of reading time – perhaps on Sunday.

    1. I’m determined to do some catching up tomorrow, I feel as if I’ve lost a day. (All pics on phone, I don’t have a camera) x

  2. even learning that the new web platform gives you a headhache is “something” achieved rather than “nothing”. If you go back and have another look you’ll have more of a feel as to what goes on with it, and then you might still think “this isn’t for me”, which, again, is something achieved. Or you might find that it all falls into place and you do like it after all.
    It’s the oddity of life in the virtual is’t it? We feel as though we’ve done nothing but sit in front of a screen, but actually lots and lots has been going on in our heads 🙂
    Your picutres are, as ever, just lovely

    1. Exactly! Yes, lots goes on in our heads and sometimes that just gets a bit over the top, but we’re learning so much as we go along aren’t we. I did go back and make quite a lot of progress. Glad you like the photos xxx

  3. Hi. I would like to subscribe to Loose Threads but don’t know how. I don’t get an ‘annoying pop up’ anywhere 🙂 I love your beautiful stitching, especially the Celtic inspired pieces.

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