Patterns in nature…

IMAG4019The recent high winds, have wrought havoc in the hedgerow along the lane where I walk the Delinquent Dog. Three times since November the lane has been blocked by fallen trees.

The farmers have done a good job of removing the debris, but this gnarled and rotten old trunk has been left at the side of the field, no doubt a wonderful home for tiny wildlife. I’m just fascinated by the shapes and textures. Every day I seem to see something different.

IMAG3972 IMAG3941




9 thoughts on “Patterns in nature…

  1. In neotropical forests, those fallen giants are sometimes called “nurse logs” becasue as the old logs rot, they become the perfect place for young seedlings to grow.

  2. Welcome back Anny, good to see you in blogland again. I love this stump with its crumpled texture – I have a couple of bits of “firewood” in the garden because the wood was just too beautiful to burn!
    Look forward do seeing your latest piece of finished canvaswork when you post it,
    Happy new year (though its almost too late to say that now)

    1. Happy New Year! And thank you. Just a little bit more to stitch and then I MUST frame/mount this one – it’s my New Year resolution. Should be fairly soon now if domestic stuff doesn’t intervene.

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