Hello, I’m Anny, a stitch mad history junkie who watches hedges.

Which is to say I’m a middle-aged housewife, living in middle England who happens to make textile art (very slowly), who if she isn’t stitching is probably climbing over a ruined castle, wafting around a stately home or staring at a stained glass window. Oh yes, and who starts most days by taking photos of a hedge.


I can’t tell you why I’m compelled to spend so much time creating hand-stitched textile art, it’s quite possibly one of the slowest art forms anyone could choose to practise, but for  some reason I simply can’t explain, it’s what I do, it’s what I need to do, you wouldn’t like me if I wasn’t stitching…


What was your favourite subject when you were at school? Mine was history. I never stopped loving it and luckily for me I live in England which has quite a lot of history to explore. I was doubly lucky to have parents who indulged my passion by taking me on endless trips to visit castles, cathedrals, stately homes, not so stately homes and anywhere else I wanted to go (and which thinking about it may explain why they taught me to drive at the earliest possible opportunity).

So, over the years (we’re not going to mention numbers here), I’ve travelled the length and breadth of Britain in search of all things historical and pre-historical.

And I still do, because it gives me endless inspiration. Standing at the top of a castle tower, looking out at the landscape around, knowing that hundreds of years ago people were standing in exactly that spot, looking out in the same way – it’s a magical connection, the source of countless dreams.


Most mornings you’ll find me out in the lanes and woodland near our home walking the Delinquent Dog and taking photos of whatever’s happening that day, chronicling the changes in seasons, watching the cycle of life, feeling the weather. It’s become a daily ritual, a walking meditation and it keeps me grounded.

And you?

Whether you’re a stitcher, a history geek, a dog walker or none of those, you’re very welcome here.

You could follow me on Instagram, or Twitter or leave comments here. I can type for England on any of these passions, it’s the best bit of blogging and social media, so do say hello.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Dreaming in Stitches,

    My name is Anna and I am co-ordinating the marketing and publicity for the Great Tapestry of Scotland project. I loved your (very fast) blog post and am more than happy to provide you with images and a press release or any other information that you might like. As of tomorrow you can also follow our progress on facebook and Twitter @GreatTapestryScot. Just let me know how to send you things and I’ll fire stuff over. So nice to hear people getting excited about this- we certainly are!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hello, I’m delighted you found your way here – welcome! I had a very quick nose around your place last night – I have to fight the children off my computer in the evenings – I’ll go back for a proper read later – x

  2. Hi Anny, I’ve got round to reading your welcome page again. Very inspiring it is too. I really like the concept of Slow Art for the Soul. I always find stitching most satisfying when I do not have to focus too much on the needlework. I usually listen to music or an audiobook. On the very rare occasions when I have had to rush to finish a piece it just doesn’t feel right. Keep up the good work, and away with Dowager Duchesses and genteel spinsters. The not so genteel are welcome.


    1. Ah Alister, I know you are a kindred spirit. I worry that tapestry sewing suffers from a few image problems, but anyone who’s tried and been hooked soon sees that it has inner attractions. You keep up your good work too!

  3. HI Anny, I’m waving at you. I didn’t have your email address to respond directly so I just wanted to say thanks for making a connection with me. I love your spirit and approach to work. I’m a little older than a teenager…I’m more like 22 in a 48 year old body I don’t recognize. Stitch on!

    1. Hello Helen, the pleasure is mine! Needlepoint isn’t for everyone – I love it, but I’m not evangelical – which is partly why I blog in three places – there isn’t a huge overlap in interest I find between tapestry, history, and bits of everyday life – which are the currents that seem to make me who I am. Delighted to meet you. (I have a secret ambition to weave – one day…).

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