IMAG4158Yesterday morning was foggy. I rather enjoy fog in the woods, it’s eerie, otherworldly. In these conditions, my mind easily conjures faeries…

Later, when I was flicking through the photos I’d taken, I couldn’t help being struck by their graphic quality – the picture above is merely cropped, nothing else, – but to me it looks like a pencil and charcoal study on a textured watercolour paper.

And this is where I was walking.




17 thoughts on “Foggy…

      1. We drove over the Pennines and you could see the fog/mist hanging all over the hills, we were in bright sunshine, that was amazing, but it didn’t come out all that good in the photos 🙂

  1. Truly beautiful.

    I drove out after fog and every tiny twig held water droplets that were catching the low light … it was magical, but also very black and white … sadly I didn’t have my camera.

    1. Oh I know what you mean – I often stand and stare at raindrops, so magical, but I’ve never yet managed to take a decent picture – it was very drippy yesterday, but worth it.

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