On A Roll…

Typical isn’t it – can’t finish a piece of tapestry for months, then complete two in two weeks.

Well, alright, a bit of a cheat really, as the Dunstanburgh Castle piece was much smaller and I was trying to see how long an A4 sized tapestry could take.

Here it is…

Dunstanburgh Castle

It’s a mix of tapestry wool, crewel wool, space-dyed rayon and pure silk (courtesy of the sale of Debbie Bliss silk, at my local shop).

Although I painted the canvas before working it, I found the white squares very off-putting while I was sewing. I had to take regular breaks because I was developing a nasty fuzzy sight effect – presumably from constantly looking at all those squares.

I really am going to have to make the effort to find a more sympathetic canvas.

It used to be fairly easy to get different types of canvas, but lately, it’s become much more difficult. The local wool shop used to carry a reasonable stock, but now, they’ve almost given up on canvas completely. You can buy a small range of kits and they still have Anchor or DMS wools, but that’s pretty much it.

I’m going to have to do some research to find suppliers – preferably in real shops – I just need to feel the canvas and see the yarns, which is very hard to do from websites – although websites seem to be the only places I can get most of my materials now. Are we such a dying breed, that it’s not worth stocking yarns and canvasses?

Doing Dunstanburgh.

On my mission to draw/paint daily – today it’s been Dunstanburgh Castle.

Dunstanburgh Castle

I started off with pastels. It’s so easy to get the basic structure with pastels. But I just couldn’t get the effect I felt I wanted, so after a while, I added some acrylics. It helped, but then I lost some of the texture that I was enjoying, so I was a real devil and added some more pastels – I’m having a bit of a ball combining media.

Anyway, just to be entirely rash, I then painted in the castle in, wait for it…watercolour.

Have you been to Dunstanburgh Castle? It’s a gem. There’s a bit of a walk to get there, along the coast. The castle is there, tempting you forward, with it’s imposing gate towers and slightly wonky angles. I love it.