On A Roll…

Typical isn’t it – can’t finish a piece of tapestry for months, then complete two in two weeks.

Well, alright, a bit of a cheat really, as the Dunstanburgh Castle piece was much smaller and I was trying to see how long an A4 sized tapestry could take.

Here it is…

Dunstanburgh Castle

It’s a mix of tapestry wool, crewel wool, space-dyed rayon and pure silk (courtesy of the sale of Debbie Bliss silk, at my local shop).

Although I painted the canvas before working it, I found the white squares very off-putting while I was sewing. I had to take regular breaks because I was developing a nasty fuzzy sight effect – presumably from constantly looking at all those squares.

I really am going to have to make the effort to find a more sympathetic canvas.

It used to be fairly easy to get different types of canvas, but lately, it’s become much more difficult. The local wool shop used to carry a reasonable stock, but now, they’ve almost given up on canvas completely. You can buy a small range of kits and they still have Anchor or DMS wools, but that’s pretty much it.

I’m going to have to do some research to find suppliers – preferably in real shops – I just need to feel the canvas and see the yarns, which is very hard to do from websites – although websites seem to be the only places I can get most of my materials now. Are we such a dying breed, that it’s not worth stocking yarns and canvasses?

5 thoughts on “On A Roll…

  1. i think its more to do with so many people going in for online shopping, which is fine if you know exactly what you want, but I know what you mean, sometimes you just need to fondle before you buy.

    mind you its always been hard to find a decent embroidery shop – where do you live?

    john lewis always used to carry a decent range of plain canvas, but I’m not sure what they’re like these days, it must be nearly twenty years since I did any needlepoint.

    I love the colours, btw

    1. There is a John Lewis a few miles from here – I might give that a try. What I’m really itching for though, is some more upholstery hessian – well I don’t actually know what it’s called, but the stuff I got from the car boot sale was incredibly tactile. It’s hard to describe, but working it was so much more interesting that standard canvas. I’m going to have to get out and think laterally about it.

      You are exactly right about fondling – what a superb description. I have a dream of running my own yarn shop, but I’m convinced it would be a fast track to bankruptcy – and I’m horribly afraid I’d be like the guy in Black Books, who wouldn’t sell to people he didn’t like.

  2. it might be worth looking for local upholsterers – they might even do you a deal on offcuts if you can sweet talk them

    I know what you mean, everyone always tells me I ought to run a cake shop, but I think the average person would be first horrifieed by the price of a cake made with real ingredients, and secondly wouldn’t like chocolate cake made with real chocoalte – and I’m incapable of compromising on the quality of chocolate.

    Its like all those people who dream of running a pub or a little b an b and dont realise what bloody hard work it really is

  3. What a beautiful combination of fibres, and a very calming colour palette.

    Creativity comes when it comes, usually in spurts.

    Shopping “for real” gets my vote.

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