Doing Dunstanburgh.

On my mission to draw/paint daily – today it’s been Dunstanburgh Castle.

Dunstanburgh Castle

I started off with pastels. It’s so easy to get the basic structure with pastels. But I just couldn’t get the effect I felt I wanted, so after a while, I added some acrylics. It helped, but then I lost some of the texture that I was enjoying, so I was a real devil and added some more pastels – I’m having a bit of a ball combining media.

Anyway, just to be entirely rash, I then painted in the castle in, wait for it…watercolour.

Have you been to Dunstanburgh Castle? It’s a gem. There’s a bit of a walk to get there, along the coast. The castle is there, tempting you forward, with it’s imposing gate towers and slightly wonky angles. I love it.