Happy May Day….

Some people regard May Day as the first day of summer – well, in some ways I agree, there’s definitely a lot happening in the hedgerow now, foliage is growing so fast, you feel as if you could practically watch it unfurling in front of you. But having spent the hour of our walk with my eyes streaming from the cold wind this morning, I can tell you, it doesn’t feel like summer just yet!


After the last post here and my admission that greens give me problems, I realised just how many greens I see every day on the trip along the lane and through the wood. I’ve been observing them with more attention than I’d normally give it, and what I’ve learned, is that there are more shades of green that I can imagine, and Mother Nature doesn’t seem to mind how she puts them all together – and yet, it works…

I’ll keep trying…

2015-04-27 16.21.00

Happy stitching…

13 thoughts on “Happy May Day….

  1. Wonderful! and so true, especially this time of year it seems like all shades of greens and golds are mixed together. Looks like its working in your stitching too!

  2. A belated happy May Day to you too!
    Every year, I’m amazed anew by the profusion of greens in hedge, field and garden here. The fresh, acid young greens last so short a time but are like a revelation. Your lane picture has them all, I think – lovely!

    1. Colour is quite transitory in nature, very true. Our may blossom was looking wonderful, but after just one big storm, it was all gone and the hedges turned a dull beige.

  3. It feels like the Arctic here too, Anny. I feel for the baby birds, if there are any (the blackbirds may already have some). Good luck with your stitching!

    1. Thanks Jo, you’d love our local woodland – there’s a heronry there and they have gorgeous babies – there’s a webcam in the nest so we can watch it live.

  4. Your green stitching is just lovely, those greens have really inspired you 🙂 Don’t forget we’ve still got hawthorne to come – the other “May” blossom, I can never decide which I like best

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