Indulging the window fetish…

It’s become a bit of a family joke that I have a ‘thing’ for taking pictures through windows – my daughters now refer to any such shot as ‘one of mum’s’ pictures and have started taking them for me. Even my brother spotted my funny little habit and is now taking them too.

After the recent Yosemite upgrade, (Thank you Apple, I will get over it one day, but possibly not before I have to resort to counselling), I decided it was time to do some serious organising of my photos and while I’ve been doing that, I’ve come across lots of ‘mum’s pictures’ I’d forgotten about.

So, I thought that from time to time, I’d post them here – indulge me…

Today’s picture is perhaps my favourite bathroom window…

2015-04-03 14.33.18

It’s a room in Packwood House – one of my favourite National Trust properties.

I love the sense of humour of the person who dressed this room, take a good look in the bath, under the splendid lion-head tap…

2015-04-03 14.33.29


I wrote a post about Packwood House about a year ago, on my other blog The Mists of Time – do pop over and have a look if you like quirky old houses.

10 thoughts on “Indulging the window fetish…

  1. I’m with you on this one. A window can be a feature in itself, a framing device for the world beyond, a means of setting a room in its geographical or social context … but mainly, it’s about light, which is what photography is all about – sort of an extra lens.

    1. You’re absolutely right – I totally agree – for me it’s the framing and the light, it’s calming, illusive, intriguing, and some how draws me into the scene.

    1. Umm, well, if you’re using a number of Apple devices, it might be useful, but for me it caused huge problems with iTunes and iPhoto – read the reviews and proceed with caution is my advice – good luck. Oh and back-up like mad!

  2. I loved your photo. I get very excited by windows as well, and whenever I visit historic houses seem to spend most of my time staring out at the beautifully framed views rather than concentrating on the finer details of the interior. Long may your window fetish continue!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’m just the same, I’m sure that at a lot of properties, the grounds were designed to be seen from certain windows and it would be a pity not to enjoy the views.

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