Seeing the tree for the woods…

IMAG3982 IMAG3993 IMAG3996 IMAG4021 IMAG4042I’ve set myself a little challenge for 2014. 

I’ve been walking more or less the same route, at roughly the same time of day, for just over a year now (taking the Delinquent Dog for his morning constitutional). Our walk goes through a wood and down a lane and every day, we pass hundreds of trees.

Now I love trees, but I don’t very often stop to really look at them.

And then at the beginning of January, one morning as we walked down the lane, past this particular oak tree, the sunlight caught it and for the first time, I was struck by its lovely shape. I took a photo.

The next day, the weather was dreadful and staring at the same tree, it looked different. I took a photo.

And so that’s when the idea came to me –  this year, I shall take a photo of that particular oak tree, every time I walk past it.

The pictures above are from the first couple of weeks – Mother Nature trying out her various lighting effects…

I’ll post a few each month.

Happy stitching.






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18 thoughts on “Seeing the tree for the woods…

  1. I love this idea so much and love the photos. It’s so interesting to see the changes, the light, the color differences.
    Really, you would love instgram – it was made for this type of thing.

    1. Thank you. I thought it would be pretty monotonous, but you’re right, the light and the sky is always different, so even though the changes to the tree are imperceptible at the moment, there are still differences to enjoy. I’m looking forward to being able to compare a picture month on month for more obvious changes.

    1. Thank you. Yes I thought I was taking pictures of the tree, but going back to the pictures, I realised that it was the sky and the light that I was seeing changes in – timescales I suppose – it’ll be interesting to see how it all develops over time.

    1. Me too! It would be lovely to see it closer up to see the leaves develop and the wildlife on the bark, but I can’t get into the field and my phone camera isn’t very good at close-ups – I wonder if I might ask for a proper camera for my birthday…

  2. Brilliant idea. I had a similar thought about the view from the back door which changes many times a day according to season and light. That fourth photo is stunning – did you get home before it rained?!

    1. Oh Jane, I was soooo lucky – I took the photo, thinking wow how lovely the light was, then had a sudden realisation of what was coming and legged it as fast as I could – the downpour came about 5 minutes after I got back.

  3. Hello Anny,
    I just signed up to follow your lovely blog. I am Pascale from the FIG blog. My youngest daughter did a huge art project last year inspired by the Hockney show at the RA where he painted the same scene over and over again in different seasons. She painted or drew a bean field behind our house from May till November – the beans were left to dry in their pods so by the end they were gnarled black things it was fascinating. I wouldn’t normally have paid such close attention to a bean field but sometimes it takes an arty project to get us to really look and notice things. The tree photography project will no doubt be the same, a lovely idea

    1. Hello Pascale, thank you for your lovely comments. I started to walk the same route because our dog is difficult with other dogs and I needed a quiet way to go – I felt a bit cheated of the community of dog-walkers I’d been hoping for, but over the months it’s gradually dawned on me how much there is to appreciate in watching the same place change with the seasons and now I really enjoy each outing. I’d love to see those seed pods – what an excellent way to study the process and to bring an inner eye to nature.

  4. What a beautiful tree to pick for your project, it’s such a perfect shape. I love to see the ‘bare bones’ of winter trees and think you notice them more because of the variations of light. My favourite of your photographs is also the one with the leaden sky, it’s so dramatic- I wonder if you’ll get the opportunity to see it in snow this year?

    1. I’m sure you’re right about noticing the shapes – and it’s already amazed me just how much the weather and light alter what you see. Not sure about snow this year – too soon to say I suppose, but remarkably mild so far- this morning mind you, t was so wet, I aborted the walk before we got to the tree – I’m sitting here now gently steaming,

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