Patterns in stone…

We were at Raglan Castle a few weeks ago. It’s the sort of castle that forces you to look out across the landscape and up at the towers, but the floor of the Great Tower had me captivated…


Looks like a giant piece of crochet in pebbles.


If you’re interested in historic places, you can read about Raglan over at my history blog, Mists of Time.

10 thoughts on “Patterns in stone…

  1. I’d love to know the story behind this floor! Someone has taken great care in placing all the rows of stones, and alternating small ones with occasional rows of bigger ones. You almost wonder if there were seven people (or children?) each given a section! 🙂

    1. Jo, according to the guidebook, the cobbling is modern – the castle has had a lot of work over the years – I’d still love to know who actually did it, it seems perfect for the building and must have been the work of someone who really tuned in to the ruins.

  2. Someone with an artistic streak laid that floor – it is as you say like a giant piece of crotchet – There is a girl in Scotland who lays pebbles in concrete in flower designs they are quite stunning and gave me an idea for our cottage garden as we have heaps of pebbles.

    1. That is such a brilliant idea – I can feel spirals coming on – love to see examples of her work if you ever have the chance to find a link…

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