Mid-month update…

Plodding on, and on…

The end isn’t in sight – yet – but I think I must be over half way by now….IMAG3856I ripped it out of the frame this morning to take a quick picture while the sun made a rare appearance. 

The giant clips I bought a few weeks ago are a tremendous hit. If you are working to a pattern, or have worked out in detail exactly which colour you want where, then it might be possible to roll up the canvas on a traditional frame and just work the parts that are visible as you get to them, but that’s not the way I like to do it. I’ve realised that I stitch in much the same way that I paint – so I need to be able to see the whole design all the time (or near as damn it).  This is much easier to do with the new clips, because they’re so easy to put on and off – they also cope well with the extra thickness of the stitched areas – my old clips (the ones that came with the frame), simply ping off as soon as the canvas gets too thick.

Working with a lot of 4ply knitting wools in this piece has made me start to plot what I’m going to do next. I’ve completely fallen in love with the texture and the stitch definition of these wools, they are a dream to sew with and ideal for the tiny hole size in the linen scrim that I’m using. So I’ll be on the look-out over the coming weeks for the colours I’ll be using on the next piece. I haven’t quite got as far as a proper plan, but the little grey cells are certainly having fun.

Happy stitching!


22 thoughts on “Mid-month update…

  1. Its so beautiful! I’ve never been a fan of using a frame, but love hearing about how yours is working. Makes me think I might try a frame again!

    1. The linen scrim is so floppy it really needs supporting, but there doesn’t seem to be much choice in frames – I keep experimenting. The giant clips have made a big improvement for me.

    1. Thank you. Well I’d quite like to finish it before Christmas, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to – you know how busy it gets around this time of year – I’ll keep trying.

  2. This is lovely as it grows and seeing it stage by stage is fascinating. I do so know what you mean about needing to see the whole as you work. I am just the same. I need to see the overall balance as I work. Then the piece tells me what to do next.

    1. Absolutely – that’s exactly how it is, the work tells you what it needs and that’s why you need to see the whole thing – and that’s part of the excitement of watching it develop.

    1. Thank you . Yes, I think the drape of the scrim is what appeals – I would find it difficult to use some of the stiff mono I have in the cupboard after all this.

  3. I found your blog through the “slow blogger” linkup – and found myself exploring all around – will look forward to visiting back. I love your tagline “slow art for the soul” -ahhhh I aspire to that.

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