Oh no, not another window…

I’m sorry if windows aren’t your thing – do feel free to click away now – we’ll still be friends.


But the thing is, as you’ll probably have diagnosed for yourself if you come here often, I have something of a window habit.

Queen Elizabeth I is supposed to have said something like…

I would not open windows into men’s souls.

… a reference to her not wanting to probe into the religious beliefs of her subjects – but I can’t pass an interesting window without those words running through my mind.

Because isn’t it a beautiful image – the window as a gateway to another place, and that other place being the magical realm of our souls.

So please forgive the frequency of windows slipping in here – I find it difficult to pass them without being compelled to look through to the other side.



Oh, and if you were wondering where those windows are – they’re from a rather remarkable gothic folly at Stowe Landscape Gardens


Highly recommended at Hallowe’en!


13 thoughts on “Oh no, not another window…

  1. Much more interesting than the modern plastic windows – I can’t see any of the UPc ones ever being photographed for their beauty or historical merit. I like the symmetry and then the sudden asymetric touch all in one building.

    1. It’s certainly a quirky place – I like the way you can see through from one side to another. You’d think that the manufacturers of plastic frames would make more of an effort to blend in wouldn’t you – surely can’t be that difficult?

  2. Wonderful photos, Anny, of a fantastic looking place! Please feel free to post as many windows as you wish! All will be looked at with great interest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Like the pic.

    They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul- are windows the eyes of a building? Strange that we make buildings – which are essentially about keeping things out (people, enemies, rain, wind, snow) and then add things as vulnerable and fragile as windows because, after all, we do want to stay connected to the outside world and let the light in, whatever the risk.

    1. Superbly put Helen – one of my daughters chose her upper school largely on the basis that it had more windows and a ‘nicer natural light’ – I suspect we’re all tuned in to subtle aspects more than we consciously realise.

  4. Lovely interesting building, the windows make the building, image the light let that they let in, must be magical inside…..thats if you could get inside ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Windows are lovely and these examples are particularly good. I am always on the lookout for interesting architectural features on my travels. Some modern buildings can be very good, but on the whole I tend to prefer older work, as in the Stowe Landscape Gardens. We could do with a few more follies to brighten up our lives today.

    1. My husband thinks that all follies were created for nefarious purposes, but this one has such big windows, you’d have to be brave to get up to anything untoward!

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