Chilling out in the Peak District…

For nearly ten years, we’ve spent what I still think of as the Whitsun half-term holiday in the Peak District. And so for the last few days, this has been the view from our tent each morning….


Okay, to be fair the first couple of days were wet and we couldn’t actually see the field opposite, but then when the sun came out, it was marvellous.

I’ve long since stopped taking any sewing on these holidays. If I can keep my fingers warm enough to hold a knife or fill the kettle, I  consider I’m doing well, any thought of wielding a needle would be sheer fantasy.

But when the rain sets in, there’s always a trip to Bakewell and Wye Needlecraft. Of course I really did need some more threads – I did, honest…

IMAG1578Not too over-the-top, just enough to keep me happy.

And now as soon as I reach base-camp on the post-holiday laundry mountain, I’ll be able to get sewing again.

Happy stitching.


7 thoughts on “Chilling out in the Peak District…

  1. Anyone hardy enough to holiday in a tent deserves lots of treats of a thread’ish nature! Not to mention the necessity, nay duty, of supporting the local economy!

  2. Anny, that is one magnifecent view!!! I am jealous, but don’t I hate the cold…And you never have to justify the purchase of art or craft materials to me, they are as essential as breathing air! Absolutely necessary!

    1. Welcome to Dreaming In Stitches Kavita. I learned to knit when I was young, but nothing I made seemed to live up to my expectations – now I’m happy admiring the work other people do rather than try it myself, but you never know – I might pick up the knitting needles again some day.

      1. sure dear…But no matter what I love your pics as its an explosion of colors and creativity dear…thanks for sharing and yes I would be checking your blog now 🙂

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