I’m not a knitter but…

Now as you’ll know, I’m not a knitter, but many of my best friends in Blogland are.

I think you are all celebrities – probably looking like this



or this



maybe even this…



See – you’re all in wonderful (if a little scary) company.

I like to think that if I was ever to knit I’d look like this…



Happy knitting everyone!


With thanks to The Telegraph magazine, May 11 2013.


8 thoughts on “I’m not a knitter but…

  1. Hi – I visited your blog with more time just now and have put you on my list of visited places. I really enjoyed your style!

  2. Too funny! When I knit (I AM a knitter) I look like I’m pulling a muscle in my shoulder. All uncomfortable and angry. I like knitting though, but I have found crochet is MUCH easier. Now, when I crochet I look like a serious super star.

    1. Now the trouble with crochet is that I had a great granny who did it and she was a proper old fashioned granny with hair in a bun and a shawl – think Mrs Goggings from Postman Pat – I will try very hard to replace that image!

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