Journey to the centre of the splodge…

Wish me luck chaps, I’m going in…

Yes, after considerably longer than I originally thought it would take, I’m now getting nearer to the centre of the splodge.

Remember when it started…

IMAG0766A few weeks in…

IMAG1337And now in the best Jules Verne tradition, I’m going into the middle.


It won’t stay in the frame now, so I’ve taken to lying on the sofa with it propped over my knees – I hesitate to think what the nosey neighbours think I’m doing.

Hope I’ll have something complete to show before too much longer. If I’m not back before July, send a search party.

Happy stitching.

12 thoughts on “Journey to the centre of the splodge…

  1. Beautiful! I admire your long term dedication and the title is perfect! Love the texture. If everyone could touch it, as I’m sure everyone wants to, it would really be an oil spill! Have you ever heard of the book “The Rainbow Goblins”? It’s a rainbow spill, not an oil spill!!!

    1. I’ve just been looking up ‘Rainbow Goblins’ – not one I was familiar with, but thank you – yes, I can understand a desire to capture colours. You’d be welcome to touch the tapestry – in fact I think the way the texture develops as the stitches are worked, is the thing I most enjoy about making them.

    1. Thank you – I thought I’d finish it over the weekend, but we actually got some sunshine, so I weeded the garden instead!

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