Stained Glass coming to life…

A mercifully uneventful week has meant good progress on Stained Glass.

I started by stitching in the ‘lead lines’, so that I’d have some structure to work into. I’ve learned from previous pieces, that trying too hard to put a lot of heavy lines doesn’t work well, so I’ve been a little more restrained this time and varied the colour too.

Then I began to fill in the shapes created by the lead lines. This feels a bit like stitching by numbers and is actually very relaxing.

But one of the things I love about old stained glass, is the imperfections in the glass itself, which create wonderful colour textures. I’ve tried to produce this effect in some of the sections.

Of course the other thing which appeals to me about stained glass, is the way that light plays through the glass, making some pieces glow, while others remain dull.

So it seems like the perfect excuse to add perles and silks into the tapestry. They catch the light so differently to wool, adding a tingle of translucency.

I’d say I was about half way now with this piece. With any luck I’ll finish it before we hit the road with our little tents and go on our Scottish Odyssey, timed – rather deliberately – to coincide with the Olympics.

Happy creating!

5 thoughts on “Stained Glass coming to life…

  1. This looks like it will be a terrific piece when finished. I too am a great fan of stained glass, but so far have never ventured to try and use this for a stitching project. I love the colours so far – what kind of threads are you using?

    1. Thank you. I’m using a real mis-mash of yarns. Mainly Appletons wools, (some DMC), some perles because I want to add shine, some silk knitting yarn – because it shimmers and is incredibly tactile and a little bit of 4 ply knitting yarn because it happened to be just the colour I wanted. I’m a real yarn tart!

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