Coming along…

Do you schedule your blog posts?

I only ask, because every time I decide to try to be more organised, life seems to get in the way. Still, here I am, just to say that the Shell is now well and truly finished (that is to say I’ve put all the stitches in, framing is another question altogether).

And, as planned, I’ve already started on the new Stained Glass piece.

It feels a bit odd to be working on proper canvas again. I definitely don’t like the way it makes my eyes see strange patterns when I’ve been working on it for a while – although I suppose it is one way to remind myself to take regular breaks.

But the fact that it is small enough to fit a 17″ frame, means I have some prospect of completing it slightly faster than the last couple of pieces.

I seem to need a relaxation piece to work on while I stew my creative juices for another bigger work.

Little droplets of inspiration have been finding their way through the morass that is my brain, but they’ll need to stay there incubating for a while yet.

Happy stitching/painting/creating!



8 thoughts on “Coming along…

  1. Oooh you are so tempting me to do some stitched tapestry again – this is beautiful.
    As for blogging – I am hopeless – keep threatening to be regular and failing miserably 🙂

    1. Thank you! Judging by the amount of wools I have in these colours, I must have an affinity for them, but the shell has taught me a lot and I’ll be trying more in that palette.

  2. I post first thing each morning, that way it’s not nagging at me all day. If I have an idea during the day for a new post, I will start a new post with just the idea and put it in drafts for later, cause I know when I sit down to write in the morning, I will have long forgotten the idea :). Beautiful tapestry by the way 🙂

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