Hot Off The Frame…

So here it is…

The piece inspired by stained glass – although as I’ve been stitching, I’ve had a decidedly underwater feeling.

I’m not sure that it’s quite so dark in real life, but the pictures taken with flash make it look very odd indeed – almost yellow, which it certainly isn’t. I don’t know, perhaps Father Christmas will put a nice shiny digital camera in my stocking this year?

I’m reasonably pleased with the way it’s turned out. The combination of silks and wools has given it the shimmer I wanted, to convey the way that light works through stained glass.

I could sit for hours in a church where the sunlight is casting rainbows across the stonework. True magic.

Today we start the packing for our trip to the far north of Scotland. Weather permitting, we’ll be away for a few weeks. I’m not taking canvas with me – I did last year and never got it out of the bag. Camping, wind, rain and cold I discovered, don’t lend themselves to happy stitching.

I am however, going to take my sketchbook. This will be a wonderful opportunity to get back to basics and start laying down some new ideas to work up in the autumn.

Happy summer everyone.

3 thoughts on “Hot Off The Frame…

  1. Fabulous! This has turned out so good – I would love to see it in real life to get the proper impact – lovely work indeed.

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