The tyranny of a blank canvas.

You know how writers talk about getting ‘writer’s block’, they sit and look at a blank page and it almost taunts them – well I wonder if there’s such a thing as sewer’s block?

There are ideas buzzing around my head at the moment, waiting to gel into a new piece of work, but I keep looking at the roll of canvas in the corner of the room and itching to just pick it up and start stitching. It’s as if the canvas is calling to me, tempting me to put stitches in it.

I feel the need to sew, regardless of what I create, but I also know from experience that if I do start without at least having a strong colour or pattern in mind, I’ll soon become disillusioned and bored with it. And I think the canvas knows that too, it’s just testing me.

So I’m resisting, but I don’t think I can hold out much longer.



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