A celandine sort of morning.

My mum loved celandines, she thought of them as the first real sign of spring. When she made her will, she specified that my brother and I should scatter her ashes when the celandines were in flower.

This morning when I took a walk along the path near our house, I was struck by the drifts of celandines. It was still quite early when I took the pictures, so most of the flowers were still closed up, but you can get some idea.

It was just as if nature had laid a green and speckled yellow carpet down on this side of the stream.

Last weekend, we finally took mum and dad’s ashes and fulfilled mum’s wish. It was a moving day, but it also felt right. We knew that it was what they wanted, and letting them free seemed to release some of the tension and feelings of grief we’d been holding on to.

Somehow mum must have known that spring is a good time to deal with grief. It’s impossible for me to be entirely downhearted when there is so much new life happening all around us. Although it was a completion in mum and dad’s life, it was also a new beginning and I feel strongly that we are all part of a cycle that carries on through eternity. That too feels comforting for me.

The only thing that I can’t quite get my mind into, is the colour scheme. Yellow and green are just not hitting my creativity buttons. I try to use this combination quite often, but it generally turns out just looking a tad mucky. I think today, if I get the chance, I’ll have another go and see if this good mood I’m in can transform my colour block. Don’t hold your breath.


2 thoughts on “A celandine sort of morning.

  1. Celandines are wonderful, we have a lot of them in our garden and they’re all out today. In terms of colour combinations it’s interesting what we like in nature and what we can happily work with isn’t it? I would certainly have to leave strong green and bright yellow for nature to handle, I think my interpretation would look like something from my primary school years.
    Thanks for your Oxford comment, I wish I was going again this weekend. I have replied to it on my blog; I tell people I have just in case they think I’ve ignored them! I like your canal pictures too, the new path sounds excellent. I don’t get near to water very often, so particulary enjoyed even my little walk along the Cherwell.

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