Inspiration from nature

This morning we tried out the new path that links the road we live in, with the riverside path that until very recently was a long diversion to reach. It’s simply wonderful, because now we can leave the front door and in just a couple of minutes be right in the countryside. I feel as if I’ve moved house and gone to live in the country, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Now we can get straight to the school without having to cross roads and we have the benefit of a lovely nature walk instead.

If I set off in the other direction, I can be on the towpath of the Grand Union Canal in about five minutes from leaving the house, and if I walk northwards, I’ll be in countryside for at least eight miles.

This is so liberating, I feel as if I’m on a bit of a high.

So as I walked home this morning I was fascinated by the way that spring has suddenly started. Well it is Imbolc today so I suppose that’s as it should be. Welcome spring, and a happy celebration to all pagans.

A heron flew along the river for a minute or two with me – sheer delight.

I’m still having to do my preparation mentally at the moment, but the work is coming along well, so with luck, by the end of the week I’ll be able to get the paints out.



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