A Home For My Stitching Musings.

Hello, thanks for finding me here.

This is the first post on my new blog, Dreaming In Stitches. I’ve always been a closet stitcher, ever since I was a young woman, and over the years, whatever else I’ve been up to, I’ve always used sewing as a means of relaxation and a way to escape from the busy stuff going on around me.

For practically my whole adult life, I’ve never told anyone about my love of stitching and textile art, or indeed admitted to doing it myself, I just thought it was something I did to unwind. But recently, I’ve realised that it’s the art form in which I feel most at home, and it’s actually important to me to have pieces in progress in order to express myself.

So I suppose you could say that I’ve decided to embrace my creative streak and get involved in the world I love.

I’m no textile artist, I’m just a woman who loves to sew. Mostly I sew canvas work pieces, what some people call needlepoint and others call tapestry, but I’m a sewing tart, and can quite easily feel happy trying out all kinds of techniques.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the things I’m doing, what’s inspiring me and who’s work I’m drooling over – amongst other things. There might well be the odd rant or ramble too.

So thanks for stopping by, I’d love it if you’d come here again, and if you feel the urge, it would be great to hear from you too.

It would be lovely to hear your thoughts...

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