Green – everywhere I look…

I just don’t seem to be able to get away from greens at the moment. I suppose that this year, even more than usual, I’ve been tuned-in to greens, having been working with a green palette for quite a few weeks.

Embroidery – well the way that I do it – is an extremely slow art form, and all those hours of stitching, inevitably lead you into a very close relationship with the different shades you’re using.

2015-05-11 09.30.35

2015-05-01 09.07.03And similarly, the various textures, coarse tweeds, strong wools, fluid silks, all play differently in your hand and in the canvas – all working together in sometimes unexpected ways.

2015-05-11 09.30.57

2015-04-30 08.30.28Trying to plan what goes where I find to be a fairly pointless exercise. Instead it seems to be better to simply let each thread decide, according to what else is happening around it.

2015-05-11 09.29.49

2015-05-12 09.50.02

Impossible at this most verdant time of the year, to ignore the way that the countryside changes colour. So many delicate plants appearing in the lane every day now, but all held together by nature’s tapestry of green.

2015-05-01 09.07.27

All photographs taken in the lane on the daily dog walk, over the last couple days. Follow me on Instagram for other daily pictures…

8 thoughts on “Green – everywhere I look…

  1. Just beautiful pics Anny and your way of letting the thread decide feels rather like your photos on your walks, let’s see …….. 🙂

  2. I was out soaking up the greens just this afternoon, and found bluebells, violets, the last of the primroses and much else along the way.

    Lovely images Anny :o)

    1. When my grandfather retired to Pembrokeshire in the 1960s, he would send my mum a little matchbox each spring, containing the first violets, as a token of love – I always think of them both when I see violets in the hedgerow.

  3. I’m sure that your stitching will turn out beautifully. Have you ever tried zooming in to a smallish part of a photograph so you get a ‘breakdown’ of the grouping of the pixels? It is fascinating to see how a myriad of shades all blend together. The story about your grandfather sending violets is very touching, what a lovely memory.

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