So, what you’ve all been wondering, is what happens on a foggy morning if you leave your smart phone camera set on fluorescent from the night before.

Here’s the answer…

IMAG8072 IMAG8074 IMAG8078

It was weird weather, because by the time I got to the tree, the sun was out and the sky a deep blue, but not quite as strange as the camera made out. There are a few other settings I might try out by accident too.

In other news…

I’m frantically stitching away for our Discover exhibition at the end of the month.

I’m still spiralling…in blue.


Details from a three panel triptych that’s almost finished.

Happy stitching

17 thoughts on “Moody…

  1. I love the photos and the stitching. On filters and iphones – I feel like the options for editing photos on a phone are astounding, transformative. Have you tried any of the apps like snapseed, photo toaster, or vsco cam?

    1. I agree, it’s remarkable what you can do now. I haven’t tried these apps, but I’m just about to change phones and intend to do some research, I’ll certainly have a look at these – thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Well, my brother who is a dyed in the wool camera user, has just done that, he says his cheap and cheerful smartphone does more than his digital now.

  2. Lovely evocative images – both the photos and your delicious sparkly swirls – just catching up in blogland and realise I’ve missed several posts! 🙂

    1. Oh Kathy, tell me about it, I’m so far behind, I just about manage to scan what people are writing, but it’s so difficult at the moment to find time for a proper read and comment – I guess real life just takes over from time to time – so pleased you popped by.

  3. Anny, this is just a test to see whether i can comment on your blog. I’ve been having a lot of trouble commenting on some WP blogs today and wondered whether the problem affected all of them. Please feel free to junk this if it does appear. Thanks.

    1. This is stranger than you think – I’ve just been back to your blog and my comment isn’t there either. I’m just not technical enough to know what’s happening. Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I love seeing your posts and pictures from Sutherland – wonderful, please keep them coming.

      1. Odd indeed. I’ve checked my spam filter and your comment isn’t lurking there, so it’s obviously been eaten by Blogger, which has been behaving rather erratically where comments are concerned. 😦 The WP comment problem turned out to be an overactive spam filter, so all is OK there now.

        1. Sometimes I wish I understood all these things, but then I decide life is too short. Hope you’re continuing to have a great time in Scotland despite the glitches. 🙂

    1. Hello Sonja, do you know, there’s something so therapeutic about stitching, I don’t think it matters what you stitch, even just covering a scrap of canvas in one colour would make you relax – don’t wait, just stitch! You have to do it, to experience how it makes you feel – best wishes.

      1. Anny – your words ….even covering a scrap of canvas in one colour….encourage me —-i tend to want everything perfect the first time….but i’m learning….and i’ll attend your words…thank you….(now, with what stitch to start;-)

    1. If only I could get these effects deliberately! Still, it all adds to the excitement. Really looking forward to the show now, although manically busy, but I’m the sort of person who probably gets more done when she’s up against a deadline.

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