Tree Time: October…

Well, really, it hardly feels like a couple of days since I was writing about September – what’s happening!

Yesterday I took this photo of the oak…


I had intended to write this post yesterday afternoon, but events got in the way. So, roll forward twenty-four hours and this is what it looked like this morning…


What a difference a day makes (and the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo) – the branches were being seriously tossed about – I imagine there will be significantly fewer leaves on it by the end of today.

Until now, I’ve felt that autumn was drifting in rather slowly this year.

The bracken is fast turning brown and starting to wilt,


this week I’ve started spotting a lot more toadstools,


and the holly berries are looking succulent,


but I suppose because it’s still quite warm, it hasn’t felt especially autumnal – not enough mists yet and only the one cursory frost.

Here’s the oak at the beginning of September for comparison.


If you want to watch the almost daily progress of the oak over the next couple of months, do follow me on Instagram.

15 thoughts on “Tree Time: October…

  1. I really want the weather to be a little colder – it’s Autumn but just too warm. Love the toadstool photo – beautiful colour.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean, still warmer than you’d probably expect by now – although having said that, today is quite a lot cooler – we’re just never satisfied are we! 🙂

    1. It is, very much so. I’ve moved a tiny bit to the left to take the pictures because the hedge is still very lush, but the tree is losing leaves rapidly now.

  2. What a change in a short space of time! It has happened up here, too. Maybe some autumn colours will be left – but only in the places that didn’t catch so much of the wind. Lovely pics, Anny!

    1. Annie, I’m really interested – are you seeing acorns where you are? We’ve noticed that they’re incredibly scarce here and I wondered what you’re finding?

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