When you’re really busy and need to focus all your energies into one project, the thing you don’t want is a major distraction…



When Jenny mentioned The Wake to me last week, I knew it was going to be right up my street. I should really have exerted some self-discipline and resisted it. But there you are, look what turned up in the post this morning.

I now have to be extremely strict with myself. Stitch – read – stitch, stitch, read…

10 thoughts on “Self-discipline…

  1. Part of my family are from Lincolnshire so maybe I should have a read too. Perhaps you should have ordered the talking book version so you can stitch and read at the same time! Hope you enjoy it – it has great reviews.

    1. Good point! I used to have a lot of talking books for when I was driving very long distances for work, but I haven’t had one for ages now.

    1. It’s written in a pseudo-Old English – not nearly as tough as that sounds, quite easy to get your mind around, but I’m reading it at bed-time when just lately I’ve been managing about ten minutes before I’m asleep, so slowish progress – I’ll tell more once I’ve read it all.

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