This and that…


I just seem to have too many plates spinning this week. Nothing special or particularly exciting, but you know how some days you’re busy all day and go to bed wondering what you’ve done with the time.

One thing I have done, is to finish the latest stitched tapestry. Well, when I say finish, I mean I’ve stitched it, but there is still all the stretching and coaxing into shape to do and then the mounting onto canvas – but that will have to wait for a few days. Here it is in its raw state…


At last we seem to be having proper autumnal weather and the colours are well and truly turning now.

We’ve just had our first frost.


Only mild, and most of it had steamed away by the time the Delinquent Dog and I got out, but still a change.

Then we had rain – heavy showers, but not nearly enough to make a difference to the garden.

And then the sun came out and we had marvellous rays through the trees. I took this picture on my phone (well actually I always do, not having a camera), but it still looks a little odd – ephemeral things sun-rays.


Right, back to the plates.

Have a lovely week/weekend!

13 thoughts on “This and that…

    1. Yes, the light is remarkable, especially on crisp sunny mornings, I love it. I do stitch a lot of the time, it’s true, I hear a lot of TV, but see very little!

      1. We don’t have a TV at the cottage (even before the flood!) so we listen to Radio 4 like we did when we were first married or talking books – I find it easier to concentrate on doing other things. If I try to do something whilst also watching TV neither gets much of my attention!

  1. Your picture of sun-rays is marvellous. Hope the spinning plate situation calms down soon. I’m looking forward to seeing the tapestry – it looks beautiful.

    1. I really couldn’t believe the phone would pick it up – I just snapped and hoped for the best, it was just magical. I’ve got a bit of a backlog now on the stretching boards, but I’ll take proper pictures as soon as it’s squared up – I’m calling it Hidcote Blues.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Anny, especially the last one of the sunlight streaming through the trees. I love your tapestry! I can see how you are inspired by the colours of stained glass. I quite often wonder what on earth I’ve done with the day. But if you sat down and made a list of everything you’ve actually done, it would probably amaze you!

    1. They really are – all of them, we don’t have a functioning camera in the house. Part of me would like Father Christmas to pop a real camera in my stocking, but on the other hand, I don’t think I’m organised enough to take one out with me, so on balance I’m happy as I am.

  3. The latest work of art looks beautiful and clearly created by you. Loved the photo too – a lot of the cameras inbuilt into phones are better than actual cameras and much easier to carry around, especially when trying to keep a dog in check too!

    1. You’re right, especially doing it all one-handed! Even my brother who is an enthusiastic photographer has recently bought himself a smart phone for exactly that reason.

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