Inspiration comes from many places and sometimes we don’t really know exactly why a piece evolves the way that it does. But that wasn’t the case with the latest piece of stitched tapestry, because from the moment I saw the fabulous silk Moonbeams on a Mystic Sea from Eleanor Lee at Solstice Yarns, I had a good idea in my mind of how I wanted to use it.

And so here it is. I’m calling this one Moonbeams because that’s where it all came from.

In addition to the greeny silk in there, much of the purply background and big purple patches also came from Eleanor’s wickedly enticing store. There are also a couple of blatantly sparkly gold and silver metallics and a rather subtler, almost silver silk in there, to add a twinkle or two as you walk past.

Working with Eleanor’s threads has been pure bliss. They stitch into the cotton crash so happily, you’d think they’d been designed with that in mind.

Thank you Eleanor.


Approximately 38cm x 38cm

Silk, wool and metallic threads on cotton crash.

May & June 2014



6 thoughts on “Moonbeams…

    1. Oh Catherine – you’ve put your finger right on the nail there… The truth is, I’m not sure. I’ve been talking with an artist friend about it and with this one, I think I’m going to see if I can frame it as you would a painting. I have a huge stack of tapestries waiting for me to decide what if anything to do with them. The trouble is that I feel some want to go on a wall, while others might be better left to drape or even be made up into something – one dilemma painters don’t face I suppose. My other problem though is that I much prefer stitching to finishing, so if anyone has a massive desire to finish off a pile of canvasses, they know where to find me!

  1. It has a Monet feel to it, Anny. Beautifully composed and harmonious, and with much emotion. It would look lovely framed!

  2. Hi Anny – I don’t know how I missed this lovely piece earlier in the week … just too much going on I guess. I love the subtle colours and, to me, it has a water lily feel to it …. Monet again, I suppose.

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