Hidcote Blues…


If all had gone to plan at the weekend, this post wouldn’t be here. Instead I’d have written about a visit to Chastleton House over at Mists of TIme (I’ve only been waiting about fifteen years to go to Chastleton, it had better be worth it when I finally get there!).

But on Sunday morning, after a week of rain and grey skies, the sun came out  as we  were driving westward and we made the executive decision to ditch Chastleton and head for Hidcote instead.

Which was such a good move, because it turned out to be the most perfect English summer’s day, and really, what better way to spend it than languidly wandering around one of the most beautiful and iconic gardens in the country (rather ironically the creation of an American).

I took about a zillion photos while we were there, but in honour of the famous lavender ‘Hidcote Blue’ (which I didn’t photograph at all…), here are just a few alternative blues spotted as we meandered through the seemingly endless secret gardens.

IMAG5976 IMAG6013 IMAG6032 IMAG6034 IMAG5998 IMAG6033 IMAG6067

For me, the experience felt like walking through an Impressionist painting. The dazzling variety of textures and jewel-like points of colour seep into your soul and I’m certain it’s not only gardeners who feel inspired by its treasures.

Hidcote Manor is tucked away in the countryside close to Chipping Camden and managed by the National Trust. It’s always beautiful, but just occasionally, when the Fates decide, it’s magical.


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18 thoughts on “Hidcote Blues…

  1. Such beautiful photos and such sparkling colours. I can see the Impressionist connection. Glad you mentioned Hidcote Manor, as we will be down in that part of the world in the summer. Will now add the Manor to our list of places to visit.

    1. Yes they are chives, there’s a whole border of chives in the kitchen garden and they look magnificent. I love chives, they’re practically indestructible and look exquisite.

    1. It’s really lovely – a series of garden rooms, like having lots and lots of secret gardens to discover – but the weather can make it even better!

  2. I have only ever seen photos of Hidcote it is one of those things that is on my Must Do list. Sadly our little garden in Yorkshire is only big enough for the one room – a bed sit! but it must be wonderful to design for many secret rooms.

  3. Gorgeous, Anny. My mother-in-law lives not very far away from Hidcote and I keep meaning to visit when we’re staying with her, but haven’t managed it yer. Perhaps next time…

    1. Well I know how that happens, we live really close to Woburn Abbey, but considering my need for historic places, it’s somewhere I’ve never been. 🙂

    1. Oh Jo, sorry to be so late replying, it’s just short of chaos here at the moment – you’d have loved that day, so beautiful and there were actually lots more different coloured flowers too – the most gorgeous water-lilies I’ve seen and lots more I can’t name. It must have inspired me because I’ve just stocked up on a whole load of bluey shade silks and wools!

    1. Thank you – I do think there’s something magical about Hidcote, even now a few weeks after my visit I can still conjure up the excitement from absorbing all those colours and textures, I think it manages to seep inside.

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