Tree time: March…

It’s been about four weeks since the last tree project update, and as you can see, we’ve had a lot more sunny days. The oak tree itself still seems much the same, although in just the last few days I’ve noticed so many more buds appearing in the hedgerow, spring is definitely making its presence felt.

I continue to be surprised by how the light varies each day – all these pictures are taken at roughly the same time each morning, and I’m not adjusting the exposure, so what you see, is how it is on the day.

The main difference I’ve noticed since the last post, is the huge increase in birdsong and general bird activity during the morning walk – I wish there was a way to give the pictures their soundtrack. And we’ve seen lots of baby rabbits darting through the hedge – very sweet.


Over in the sidebar, are my Instagram pics of the Daily Tree Project, with the occasional stitchy update and other random snaps from daily life around here.

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10 thoughts on “Tree time: March…

  1. I can’t remember if I’ve told you this before, forgive me if I have. I’ve been photographing the tree at the bottom of our garden for about 5 years – not quite every day, but every day I’m here. It’s fascinating to look back a few years and see how the weather was, or how the shape has changed… etc. I’m really enjoying your sequence on Instagram.

    1. Wonderful! I’m not sure I’ll manage five years with this oak, but it’s really helping me have a deeper connection to the weather and the changing seasons – I’m also so pleased to have been led to Instagram via this project, I think Elizabeth at Bottle Branch was absolutely right, the ideal way to keep a record and now to meet lots of other great people.

  2. It is so interesting to have a project that unfolds slowly – that idea of noticing small details that gradually add up to a hugely detailed picture. Lovely!

    1. I’m enjoying doing it far more than I anticipated. It’s still the weather that has me excited, but leaves are starting to bud on lots of things now, so as soon as the oak sprouts I’m going to be jumping up and down!

    1. Well it’s quite easy, because there’s a little bank at the side of the lane that I stand on, and if I line up so that the branch of the tree next to me overhangs into the top right corner of the shot, I know I’m pretty much in the same place. šŸ™‚

  3. This is lovely, Anny! I feel you should show this project to the Woodland Trust or someone! I love the last two misty shots in particular, but it’s lovely to see the sunshine and the sense of spring. The next month will bring a change!

    1. You’re right, the hedgerow is beginning to burst into leaf and I’m watching avidly to see when the tree starts. The horse-chestnuts in the park have big buds now and I’m sure it won’t be long before the leaves show.

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