20 thoughts on “Perverse…

    1. Thank you. In fact yesterday for me didn’t have quite the tingling sensation you sometimes experience in fog, just felt rather cosy.

      1. When I can’t capture something adequately, I never know if its my phone camera, or my lack of photography skills. Everytime I think of getting a ‘good’ camera, then I remember I would have to learn how to use it 😉

    1. Just something so captivating about way it changes familiar landscapes into something magical – impossible to really capture the exact sensations.

    1. Thank you. Number One is exploring ‘atmosphere’ in her art GCSE at the moment, and it certainly makes you look out for anything suitable.

  1. We had two days of ‘sea mist’ last week and I’m with you, it created some magical effects, especially as the foggy mornings followed beautiful clear moonlit starry nights!

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