Tree time: February…

It’s nearly a month since I posted about my challenge to photograph the same oak tree every time I walk past it during 2014. so I thought today I’d show you what’s been happening since mid January.

If you want to see every picture, they’re all on my Instagram site (you can get there by pressing the little button that looks like a camera under the Instagram feed in the sidebar), but I’ve put a selection here – I think I’d have to say that on the whole grey has been the word of the month. Each picture has been taken at roughly the same time of day – between 8.30am and 10.30am, but difference that the weather makes is enormous.

Even on the rare days when the sun was shining, it mainly went on to become grey and wet – there was even one day when I got soaked about five minutes after taking a sunny picture – typical…

Waiting now for signs of spring. There are catkins in the hedgerow, a few shoots showing, and occasional mornings of rampant birdsong – will it be soon?




19 thoughts on “Tree time: February…

  1. These are beautiful. I love trees. You have even managed to capture the odd bird (on camera). On some photo’s there are sheep and cattle in the background. What a beautiful walk you have each morning.

    1. How observant you are! Yes, there are sheep in the field behind the oak – but it’s a really big field so some days they’re not in shot. I would love a camera good enough to photograph the birds, but with the phone it’s just pot-luck. 🙂

  2. Lovely photos and what I notice is the many different skies even amongst the mainly grey ones. Hasn’t it been strange the way one moment the sun is shining and the next it is pouring with rain – more like April used to be.

    1. Yes, the sky is what I spend most time looking at when I’m taking the pictures. I sometimes wish I could take a 360 degree shot because it can be so different depending on the way of the wind.

  3. Are you going to do it throughout the year, Would be really interesting to see how much growth or if any, it makes. Just shows how different the weather is from your photos 🙂

    1. Yes, yes that’s exactly what I’m planning. I started wanting to track the changes to the tree, but as you can see, watching daily you see far more variations in the weather, however, after a few months, it should be interesting to see the changes to the tree itself.

  4. I used to really like rain but I thing it’s now that whole ‘over familiarity’ thing. Love the tree photos.

  5. Already it’s fascinating to see the vast range of lighting conditions, and I can’t wait until the leaves start appearing. Good to hear the catkins are showing – I’ve seen some around here, too.

  6. I’d have to agree with you about grey!

    I’m reading a book about forests and fairytales – I just posted about it today on my blog – I always thought I knew a far bit about trees but I’m discovering even more about them from it.

  7. Fascinating. I was also thinking along the lines that it would be interesting to link them all together into a ‘slideshow’, although it may be a bit scary to see how quickly time passes.The pictures will make a lovely record of a year in the life of the tree.

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