Ok, it’s alright, chat amongst yourselves – it’s just that I’m still Splodging and as we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and even though the unstitched space is getting smaller, I can’t bring myself to take any more photos until I’ve put the last stitch in the middle.

But in the meantime…

The very observant amongst you will have noticed a snaily addition to the right-hand side-bar. (Go on, have a little peep now).

I went off on one of those Blogland explorations a few days ago, and just thought this was wonderful – do click on it and read the Slow Bloggers Manifesto – sums things up pretty well.

Right, off again. Back soon I hope with the finished item.

Happy stitching.

8 thoughts on “Interlude…

  1. Slow blogger – what a wonderful idea. Excellent to calm us all down and stop us getting too excited. Excitement is not good for people of my age. Your splodge is coming along nicely and will amaze us all when finished – whenever that is!

    1. I liked the idea – so easy to let something that should be a pleasure become a source of stress – and I love the illustration!

  2. thought that slow blogging link was new …. a fine concept indeed. Love those shining flowers, good luck with your splodging!!!

    1. Thank you – nearly there now, should finish the stitching this weekend, especially as it is still wet and cold outside!

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