Growing a needlepoint tree…

Well, it’s slow progress, but there is growth.


This week I’ve concentrated most of my efforts on the tree. It seems to have passed that critical point when you find that something makes a bit more sense and you actually want to see where it’s taking you.

Of course the open weave hessian (burlap), makes for an interesting stitching experience, but I’ve decided to let it teach me, rather than impose my stitching style onto it. It isn’t all plain sailing – we’ve had our moments of disagreement, and I half expect more to come, but above all, I am learning.

Look away now if you’re of a nervous disposition – the picture below shows just how random the stitches are…even I have had to buy myself a big piece of 14 count mono, just to reassure myself that I have somewhere to go back to if it all goes pear-shaped.

tree trunk detail

But do you know what? I’m actually pretty happy seeing where we’re going with this – at least I am for the moment – next week, who could say.

top of the tree detail

I did a kind of running stitch tramming for the background colour, so that I’d have some texture to work into, and so that I could see what an overall colour would do to the composition. My idea is to stitch over the background to give it more depth and stability. We might fall out about that.

But all in all, it’s beginning to have that certain weight in the hand. It definitely feels more like a tapestry than an off-cut of hessian now and who knows, it might work out OK.