Getting there…


Are we having fun yet?

Christmas is just a week away, so I’m entering that stage where the things that could previously be put off, are now having to be done. And to be fair, I’m doing better than I thought I might. I’m always a late adopter with all things Christmas, I don’t like the prologue to go on too long. In my ideal world, everything you need for the day – presents, food, trees, etc, would all arrive miraculously, leaving me free over the Twelve Days of Christmas to veg out, read, sleep and effortlessly slip the occasional piece of jigsaw into just the right place…

But I am trying. This year, I’ve…

  • Converted several slabs of sausage meat and puff pastry into not entirely inadequate sausage rolls.
  • Been out with my local arty group for a Christmas Dinner.
  • Taken the family to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham (and added a new ceramic house to our expanding hamlet – another couple of years and we’ll qualify as a village).
  • Made my first mince-pies for years (my Mum made such good pastry, I don’t think I’ll ever reach her standard, but at least no one lost any teeth (actually I don’t like mince-pies, but I did nibble the pastry).
  • Survived Christmas shopping in Milton Keynes thanks to a very organised Number Two Daughter, who also foraged for emergency chocolate fudge cake when a major sense of humour failure coincided with dip in blood-sugar levels.
  • Had a lovely evening with our Arts n Tarts group – thank you so much Secret Santa – I LOVE my pressie.
  • Seen the Christmas lights on New Bond Street – seriously pretty.
  • Wrapped presents – this is a major achievement for me, generally I’m still doing it in the wee small hours of the 25th.
  • And waved enthusiastically at the Rotary Club Santa when he came down our street last night on his sleigh – even though our girls are now much too old to visit Santa’s Grotto, we all still get ridiculously excited by his annual drive-past.
  • Still to do? Well, quite a lot, but nothing I’m likely to stress about.

I think, all in all, I might actually be starting to have fun – shhh!