Pebbles in the mind…


One of the analogies for the process of meditation that I love, is the one about the busy mind being like water rippling over stones – still your thoughts and you’ll be able to see the stones that lie beneath.

I rarely manage to see the ‘stones’ – but every time I walk along a river bank and see pebbles, that image comes to mind.

This little photo was taken last month on the banks of the River Findhorn in Scotland.

Although I so often work tapestries in bright colours, part of me is aching to translate these natural tones and textures into yarns. But so far, my imagination and my hands haven’t found a way to communicate effectively. Oh well, it’s filed away somewhere in the recesses of my mind – maybe one day my subconscious will see a way forward.

At least my old worries about achieving the palette are beginning to fade – I’ve seen some knitting wools that would work perfectly.

Time to let the still mind do it’s work.