Gothic sun window nearly stitched…

Well, if you can rely on me for one thing, it’s that I’ll be slower than planned getting something finished. So you won’t be surprised that the Gothic Window is still not completed, but it’s really very close and the light was so good today, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures.

gothic sun detail


There’s just a bit more of the sun to stitch.

gothic sun detail


As you can see I’ve gone totally overboard with the metallics and shiny threads.

gothic sun


I just couldn’t help myself.

gothic sun corner


I’d like to say I’ve managed to purge myself of the shiny obsession,

gothic sun detail


but it would be a lie. In fact I went out last week and bought a couple of new twinkly threads. I’m just a sucker for anything glitzy.

unfinished gothic sun

Quite by chance, I caught a TV programme on iPlayer all about the stained glass east window at York Minster in the week. I’ll always be one of those people who can just stand and stare at these amazing pieces of art – I suppose after 600 years or more, they still work their magic on me.

Happy stitching.