Guilty pleasures…



At 6 o’clock last night, our phone rang, not another junk call (remarkably), but my neighbour, saying that if I could be ready in half an hour, she had a spare ticket for Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and she’d pick me up. Well ballet is not my most preferred art-form (I’m being polite here), but on a cold wet Tuesday night, with nothing more to look forward to than Death on Paradise and an early night, it seemed churlish to refuse.

Now you ballet aficionados, will probably know all about Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake – I knew nothing, but I’m a dyed-in-the-wool soppy romantic who loves Tchaikovsky, so I figured that even if I sat there with my eyes closed and listened to the music, it would be okay.

So, here’s the thing (for those who might not already know); this version of Swan Lake uses the Tchaikovsky score, but after that, forget any notions of quivering girlies in tutus and boys in muscle-enhancing lycra. Instead think male swans (perfect naked torsos and feathery breeches), oozing attitude – some of it sexual…

Well, I don’t think many people in the packed theatre went home disappointed – male or female. It certainly isn’t the Swan Lake of childhood Christmas treats, but it made this middle-aged housewife extremely happy. When I got home I asked the Other Half if he thought he should do a bit of weight training and perhaps consider a pair of black leather trousers – well a girl can dream…


And while I’m on the subject of guilty pleasures, I thought I’d mention a little online find I made recently, which might appeal to the stationery freaks amongst you – yes, you know who you are…

(Here, before I go on, the ex-Marketing Manager in me wants to make it perfectly clear, this is totally unsponsored, simply a personal like with no benefit attached at all) .

If you’re at all like me, always on the look-out for a smooth flowing, comfortable grip, fine nib pen, that’s cheap as chips – go and have a look at Cult Pens.¬†They have the most amazing range I’ve ever seen – even the daughters are impressed. But the thing I like most, is that – so far at least – they’ve given brilliant customer service. Each order has arrived by return, and each time there’s been a little added freebie too. I’m a sucker for all that. An excellent place to browse while your coffee cools – just saying.

Happy stitching.



PS: In case you missed the note on the last post, I’ve started adding daily update photos from my Instagram pictures in the sidebar – so if you want to see the latest tree photo, or stitchery, scroll down and click on the images.

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