The Celtic Swirl is stitched…

Well, somewhat earlier than I’d anticipated – I put the last few stitches in this morning.


Of course the beady eyed amongst you will realise that I’ve cropped and straightened the image – in fact I’ve cut off some fairly important bits!

The wonkiness of this piece is seriously annoying. Does anyone make frames in an almost perfect rhomboid? Well if they do, I am the customer for them.

I’ve asked the other half to pick me up something big enough to stretch it on – this time I might see if miracles are possible – it will have to be something pretty impressive though to overcome the lean (I wonder if I could hang it from the Leaning Tower of Pisa…).

Anyway – the best thing about stitching this piece, has been trying out a variety of knitting wools and discovering that they make excellent needlepoint threads. The silks in particular are a dream to work with – I’m a lady with expensive tastes.

Off for a coffee now. I’m going to be having a diversion to play at couching (thanks to Kat for tickling those particular creative taste buds).

Happy stitching.