All over the shop…


So, how’s May been for you?

I was mildly surprised this week to find it’s almost over, surely it can’t have gone by quite that fast.

I seem to have walked in a lot of rain lately, which has had the benefit of making everything smell wonderful, although the elderflowers are refusing to come out until they get some more warm sunshine.


There has been some stitchiness, but I’m having real trouble getting this one to photograph – this is the best shot I’ve managed so far. Is it me, or does my phone simply not like doing bluey shades – anyone else have this problem?


Otherwise, it’s all been a bit of a blur.

Did manage a quick trip to Berkhamsted Castle yesterday (dodging the rain – just!). There’s a post over at Mists of Time if you’re interested in ruined castles that had a lot of big name medieval visitors… (oh I know, no need to feel guilty). 

Back in June!

Happy stitching.