Recharging the batteries…

As anyone who pops over to my non-stitchy blog Wondrissima will know, we’ve been away for a few days, staying in Whitby and visiting a load of old ruins…


I don’t know what it is about these places that gets me so excited, but I really could spend all day walking around old abbeys and castles – well, given a remarkably efficient set of thermals and regular coffee & cake* breaks.

The daughters are obliging, if not exactly enthusiastic about my ruin fetish.

But I find there’s something about being in these ancient places that stirs up the creative juices. It’s not that I often want to recreate what I’ve seen – although I know the recent gothic window was probably inspired by the real thing – it’s more that I tune in to some sort of flow – I wonder if it’s what Druids would call awen?

Or perhaps it’s just the opportunity to get away from the normal surroundings and free up some mental space for ideas to spark in.

Whatever it is, a few days away and I’m feeling much better, despite the fact that today the weather has decided to reprise grey and wet.


* If you go to Rievaulx Abbey – try the cakes – they’re fantastic, but be careful what you ask for. The lady asked me how hungry I was, so I said not too hungry – well, goodness only knows how even I could have eaten anything bigger than the slice of orange cake she gave me – don’t say you’re actually hungry unless you haven’t eaten for a week.