The Great Tapestry of Scotland

Scotland in stitches…

I could hardly believe my ears this morning, listening to Radio 4. There was a piece about a new tapestry, to rival the Bayeux in length Рdescribing the history of Scotland.

Alexander McCall Smith signing books in Helsin...
Alexander McCall Smith signing books in Helsinki April 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently, it is the brainchild of the author Alexander McCall Smith – he who gave us the Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency – and who must be one of the most engaging Scots alive today, together with the artist Andrew Crummy (what a splendid name for any artist), and history writer Alistair Moffat.

The work will comprise over 100 panels, each being worked by volunteer stitchers from around Scotland. It is to go on display in August 2013.

I had a quick trawl around Google this morning, looking for pictures or more information, but so far, nothing substantial – just the link at the bottom of this post – perhaps we’ll see more later today, since at last, needlework has hit the major news programme of the day!

So a huge thumbs up to McCall Smith for having the vision and will to put this project into action – and I really look forward to seeing what the finished piece looks like. What a wonderful legacy for future generations of proud Scots.

Glad to see that someone still appreciates the value and the art of tapestry.

The Great Tapestry of Scotland