The pieces on this page, are my early experiments with colour, texture and various types of canvas. More recent pieces are featured in the drop down menu from the gallery, please browse through them.


Approx. 18 x 15 inches 48 x 38 cm. Wool on hessian (burlap).



11 x 14 inches 29 x 38cm. Tapestry wools on painted mono tapestry canvas.



8 x 8 inches 22 x 22 cm – inspired by a book illustration. Tapestry and knitting wools on mono canvas



12 x 8 inches 32 x 23cm Woollen threads on mono tapestry canvas


Red & Gold Splodge

Small piece, 8 x 8 inches 21 x 21cm Wool and metallic threads on mono canvas.



16 x 16 inches 41 x 41 cm Wools on canvas




Inspired by a visit to Dunstanburgh Castle. Tapestry wools on mono tapestry canvas.



13 x 13 inches 34 x 34 cm. Mixed threads on hessian canvas (burlap)


Purple Stripes

6 x 8 inches – small piece experimenting with colour and stitch variations




Very long and thin – (and difficult to photograph!). One of my favourite pieces, inspired by the John Piper windows at Coventry Cathedral

36 x 8 inches 93 x 19 cm wools on canvas


Hessian Tree 2012

Trees feature often in my work. This experiment is a huge piece on large loose weave hessian. It was more of a weave than a stitch as the threads help create the texture and substance of the material.

28 x 36 inches 73 x 96 cm Wools on hessian (burlap)



Another experiment on finer hole hessian, worked in various tapestry wools. Inspired by the textures and lines in sea-shells.

28 x 18 inches 74 x 47 cm


Gothic Window

Canvas embroidery. (In private collection)

Various threads including metallics on white linen scrim.unfinished gothic sun detail

 More recent pieces are featured in the drop down menu from the gallery.

11 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I don’t know why I’ve never visited your gallery before to see this wonderful riot of colour and movement. Lovely – I just can’t pick a favourite! I always enjoy your posts, even when I don’t comment. All those photos of your beautiful tree are fascinating. Margaret

  2. Are any of the needlepoint it’s available and canvases for the public to purchase? I’d really love to do one.

    1. Hello Diane, I’m very pleased that you like my stitched tapestries. I create all the designs myself, just sketching a few lines onto the canvas – and then seeing where the stitching takes me. They’re all unique, one-offs. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t really be able to prepare a design for someone else to stitch – but please don’t let that stop you making your own. If you have some simple open-weave canvas – I use linen scrim, but hessian/burlap or cotton crash work well, and a stash of yarn, that’s all you need. Then just start stitching! My earliest piece was Hazey – just little blocks of whatever colours I had, which developed into the end piece. I believe that it’s the process of stitching that’s the best bit – what it looks like is sometimes a surprise – but the process is very meditative and I thoroughly recommend doing your own thing. Best wishes Anny

  3. Thank you very much for the kind response. I’m going to give your suggestion a try. Your work is so wonderful and very soothing.

  4. Subscribed today thanks to your Twitter link. The gallery my first sight of your work. Haven’t done any needlepoint or tapestry work for years having been fully occupied with knitting, patchwork and quilting and calligraphy. Your work is so inspiring feel I must start again. Love the colours and textures.

    1. Anne, hello, so pleased to meet you. It certainly sounds as if you’ve been extremely busy! For me, there’s something very relaxing about stitching, so if it’s calling you, give it a go. I’d love to know how you get on. Ax

  5. I’m so happy I found this site……..I love yarns and projects. Now I’m trying to navigate through your site to find out if I could purchase a couple of items.

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