Carew Castle

I don’t know about you, but if someone asked me to design a ruined medieval castle, I think I might come up with something very like Carew Castle.

Carew and the 23 acre mill pond
Carew and the 23 acre mill pond

You’d choose a spectacular location, and if you couldn’t find a cliff top, you might instead go for a wide expanse of water in which to set your construction.

Carew Castle ALP

You’d want it to have a gatehouse.

Carew Castle Gatehouse ALP

Strong Norman towers,

Carew Castle tower and wall ALP

And lots of interesting nooks and crannies inside to explore.

Picture 563Picture 560Picture 559Picture 561

If you were feeling really creative, you might even give it a few later architectural features, such as Elizabethan stone windows.

Picture 557Picture 556Picture 555

And to add atmosphere, what could be better than incorporating a few bats to fly around at dusk.

Picture 562

You’d want to invest it with a legend or two, what about a cruel pirate captain and his savage Barbary Ape to haunt the ruins?

And I suppose if you wanted to go really over the top, you’d add extra attractions, such as an 11th century Celtic Cross and why not throw in a rare tidal mill and medieval bridge.


Fuel for the imagination

With a history dating back over 2000 years, there’s lots to interest the visitor, and of course it has plenty of legends surrounding it, but for me, it’s not the facts about Carew that are inspiring, it’s more an atmosphere that you get from walking around the castle and surrounding area.

Carew, I feel, is the perfect place to sit and plot a historical novel, with knights in shining armour, damsels in distress and lots of treacherous deeds. It just has an amazing atmosphere, where you can let your imagination run riot, creating your own stories about heros and heroines and what might have happened there.

In fact, I think Carew should have open days especially for writers, I’m sure they’d come away fired up with inspiration.

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Mists of Time is a personal view on a random selection of locations in the UK. If you’re planning a visit to Carew, please check the details for admission etc, as I’m not a travel guide and I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed! Google Carew Castle or have a look at these links below.

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