The Power of Love…

Well, it’s certainly been a difficult week and I hope you’ll forgive the lack of an offering for the history-junkie today. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with the stuff that happens and mine are simply to walk in the countryside and to stitch and that’s what I’ve been doing.


Quite often when I stand to look at the oak tree each morning or when I lean on the Thinking Gate and survey the field, watching the crows and kites, I whisper a little prayer. When I have absolutely no idea what would help and am powerless to do anything else, all I can think of is to ask for love to spread to the people who need it and to enfold them.


It’s all I can offer, but I do believe in the power of love (even if I can’t hear those words without singing along with Huey Lewis and the News)…


Keeping in touch…

Are you using Instagram or Twitter? If so do say hello there. I’m @dreaminginstitches on Instagram and @AnnPawley on Twitter.

I apologise for being the world’s worst blog reader in recent months, and massive thanks for sticking with me here. I’ve set up Feedly and am determined to do better. I’m still having problems with leaving comments on Blogger blog posts, so if you’re not hearing from me, I’d be very pleased to have an alternative email address or Twitter or Instagram contact details – (I’m afraid I’m not currently using Facebook).

Grateful for your patience.


Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful weekend.


9 thoughts on “The Power of Love…

  1. Goodness, that’s the first time I remember anyone mention Huey Lewis and the News to me in _years_. Back to my teens with a vengeance…
    Preamble to the Act of Horodlo: “Whoever is unsupported by the mystery of Love shall not achieve the Grace of salvation. For by Love, laws are made, kingdoms governed, cities ordered, and the state of the commonweal brought to its proper goal. Whoever shall cast Love aside, shall lose everything”. Love, Kindness, Charity, whatever you want to call it – crucial to humanity.

    1. Had to look up Act of Horodlo – not sure that current treaties and legislation are drafted with the same level of thoughtfulness – perhaps they should… ❤

  2. Everyone needs a Thinking Gate or a special place to go to ponder on life. Mine is in my wood in Scotland a place untouched and left to get on with itself – nature at its best. No matter how much I think or speak about the stuff that is happening I fail to understand it – why would anyone want to hurt someone else so badly – I can understand being jealous, being resentful or being angry, but not kill children and rob them of a future.
    I agree totally love can only be the answer and it is free to give and free to accept – for rich or poor, black or white, religious or not we can all practice love and kindness.
    Let’s pass it on xx

  3. What can I possibly say? The feelings of shock and despair are slightly less now, five days later, but a deep sadness remains. It has been uplifting to see the solidarity and compassion of the people of Manchester – how people have helped each other in very practical ways, how members of different faiths have stood resolutely together, and how love and kind hearts have shown the way.
    There are many, many more good souls out there than there are evil, and so many things to cherish, whether a walk in the woods or on a solitary beach, losing yourself in beautiful music, or simply enjoying the pleasure of the company of others…take heart xxx

    1. True, I’ve been heartened by many things, not least the attitude of my girls and their friends, carrying on calmly. I hope they inherit a better world.

  4. such a tragedy for those poor souls and their families – it makes one appreciate how precious our lives really are, no words to express really ….

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