Funny old week…

So, how is May shaping up for you so far?

Everything seemed to start off quite well for me, I even managed earlier in the week to get a few textile pieces mounted up ready for framing (I hate doing that, so it was some achievement), then having had a great couple of days things began to unravel – I suddenly realised that the event I was preparing for is a whole week closer than I’d thought – well that certainly concentrates the mind! So then of course to top it all the Delinquent Dog has had another bout of pancreatitis.

And now here I am on Friday evening all behind yet again…


Anyway, as I’m currently madly doing the old ‘spinning the plates on sticks‘ routine, I thought instead of rushing a new post I’d give you the link to an old one of a place that I think is rather special. It first appeared on my old blog The Mists of Time, so apologies if you read it back then, but if not, I hope you enjoy a little trip into the Oxfordshire countryside to visit the ancient and enigmatic Rollright Stones…

Wishing you a lovely week.




8 thoughts on “Funny old week…

  1. The rollrights!! Visited them a few yrs ago on an unplanned trip… absolutely magical place!! So different to the other stone circles. Love the blog post 🤗x

    1. They really are quite unusual aren’t they. I sometimes wonder if it’s the legends that add to the atmosphere, but honestly I don’t know, I suspect they’d still feel very different even without knowing the stories.

  2. My grandmama use to say, when events overtook her, that she was “all behind, like a donkey’s tail”. That’s me, at the moment!
    I think we visited the Rollwrights on accidental impulse some years ago on the way home from somewhere – quite lovely!

  3. Keeping the plates spinning is a full time job these days – I hope you catch up with yourself. We go to Hardwick Hall occasionally from here – they have a beautiful perennial border outside as well as the Elizabethan delights inside. I had not heard of the Rollright stones they are quite intriguing and well worth a visit if we are ever down that way. I want to count them now to see why the discrepencies (my accounting training coming out here!).

    1. Oh yes, those borders are out of this world aren’t they. That’s the garden I aspire to, but it’s verrrrrry unlikely ever to happen as I’m much happier looking at them rather than actually gardening! You have to count the stones, it’s the law…:)

  4. Anny I know exactly what you mean – I’ve been sitting here with a second cup of coffee mentally lsiting all the things I need to do, and putting them off. Just writing this has spurred me on, though! So have a good week, take care of yourself and that Delinquent Dog, and enjoy the spring xx.

    1. Perhaps we could offer courses in prevarication, I’ve often wondered what my special talent is and maybe that’s it…(I could offer ‘prevarication’ combined with ‘post-rationalisation’ – what do you think, any takers?)

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