Busy month…

You really have to pity my Other Half. Less than 7 weeks after Christmas and he is hit with the triple whammy of St Valentine’s Day, Number One Daughter’s birthday and my birthday, all within the space of 6 days.

So one way or another it has been pretty busy around here, thank goodness for half term which conveniently contains all three events.

We’re not massively into celebrating St Valentine’s so that didn’t cause too much trouble, but the Daughter’s birthday was a very significant one – she can now legally have a pint of beer after bell-ringing (oh and I suppose vote, get married etc etc…)

There was cake.


I had thought about making a sophisticated affair, but then I decided that although she might now legally be an adult,  she will always be my baby, so instead I went for the ‘add as much chocolate as possible’ option and risked death by fire with the full quota of candles.

We celebrated with what is becoming a traditional day trip to Bath.


What a fantastic place Bath is, even on days when it rains continuously (like it did last Wednesday), it’s beautiful.


Our family tradition, stretching back to when the new adult was not much more than a toddler, is to play a round of mini-golf while we’re in Bath. Interestingly, although by no means our coldest round, it was certainly our wettest.


Have you ever watched a golf ball gently descend into a hole filled to over-brimming with water? And then to have to plunge your hand down into the extremely cold water to retrieve your ball? It’s different, that’s all I’m going to say…

Still, a tradition is a tradition – these things have to be done.

My own birthday was a much lower key event. Having enjoyed being 39 for some years now, I see no reason to change it. I suppose the time will come when I will have to consider being 42 or maybe even 44, but I’m in no hurry.

So Number Two Daughter and I set off for a day trip yesterday, to mark the end of half term with a little bit of culture.

We both love Packwood House in Warwickshire, so that was our first stop. It occurred to us that we’ve never been on a really warm, sunny day. Do you have places like that?

Each elevation is so different at Packwood…
Very fond of asymmetry me…

Our initial plan had been to go next to Baddesley Clinton, another favourite, but warned of ongoing work there, instead we thought about either Kenilworth Castle or Hanbury Hall. Neither of us could decide, so eventually we tossed a coin and Hanbury won.

Restoring the symmetrical balance…
For some reason, my favourite view of Hanbury…

I felt considerably older than my 39-again years as we were walking round Hanbury, as I kept telling Number Two how much it had improved since my first visits back in the 1970s. But it really has.

So, it’s back to the routine again this week. The Delinquent Dog and I walked along the lane this morning listening to the birds who are quite certain it’s now spring, even if the weather hasn’t totally decided.


From other people’s blogs and IG feeds I’m sure our lane is not as far on as some others, but I don’t think it will be long before we have flowers and blossom.

Happy stitching x





14 thoughts on “Busy month…

  1. My husband sympathises, we have younger son’s birthday and our wedding anniversary in Feb. Mind you we ignore Valentine’s and don’t exchange anniversary presents -he has the day off instead and we go out for lunch, much better. Glad you enjoyed Hanbury, it’s ages since I’ve been and it is just down the road. My mum volunteered in the gardens until recently.

    1. Well your mum’s work is definitely paying off, the gardens are coming along fabulously. I have a soft spot for Hanbury, it’s one of the NT properties where they seem to have embraced visitors rather than tolerating them.

  2. Happy birthday! Back in the day, my father had more than one 40th birthday party, with a second annual, and so one for good run in there. And happy birthday to your oldest – that quite a milestone for you both! Also, I always love seeing the houses you visit.

    1. I’m still getting used to the idea that Number One is 18 – everyone tells you that they grow up quickly, but it turns out to be true. But you know, I’m not sure I feel much different to the way I did at 18.

    1. Thank you! We really have Number Two Daughter to thank for that, she’s the one in the family with the planning gene, we just do what we’re told, and this half term she wanted plenty of ‘things to do’ – they were really good days out though.

  3. Good to have two excuses for celebrating. Nothing wrong with 39. Seems a fine age to me, though I have, alas, forgotten what it was like. Enjoy it formats long as you can!

    1. Thanks Alister! Yes I agree, I’m sticking with it for now. My birthday is two days after Number One and the year she was born I quite literally forgot it was my birthday (I suppose I had a good excuse) but when cards arrived through the letterbox, it took me by surprise!

  4. Late Happy Birthday Anny. Looks as though you all had a lovely half term. It’s a lng time since only daughter was 18 – she’ll turn 30 this year, so don’t think I could get away with 39, that might raise a few eyebrows!!! Hey Ho …. Spring is definitely springing isn’t it – we have a great number of fat pigeons in our garden; much wing battling and billing and cooing beneath the feed tree, depending on the mix at the time! Your lane looks beautifully peaceful for walking 🙂

    1. Hi Kat x. Yes we had a great few days, I really enjoyed it too. The lane is lovely – most days we hardly see a car at all, but occasionally there will be half a dozen and then I always moan it’s like the M1! The pigeons seem to have forsaken our garden this year – maybe they’ve finally decided not to risk battle with the Delinquent Dog x

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Anny, sounds like you had a good one. As for age, you know what they say, don’t count the years, make the years count. Great birthday cake for your newly-adult daughter and long may your traditional celebrations continue too, they sound like fun, even in the rain. Enjoy the early Spring, fingers crossed it lasts!

    1. Thanks Theresa x. I was so proud of that cake – obviously subtle isn’t my forte!

      I can feel the start of spring, but I think we’re still waiting for some tangible evidence – and now they say we’re going to have a few days below freezing – arrrgh!

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to both .18 is a key age, but how long ago that milestone seems to us with our children of 38 and 35 and a burgeoning crop of grandchildren.
    You mention a trip to the beautiful city of Bath. We lived there in the mid 1970s and both our children were born there … so a very special place for us. We still visit regularly as it’s our nearest large city and it’s a pleasure every time..

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