Here again…

2015-08-22 11.56.06

Crumbs, it’s been so long! Every year I promise myself I’ll try to post while the girls are on holiday, and every year I fail!

Oh well, never mind, I’m back in the swing of things again now. As you can see, I went to the Caribbean for my holiday – only joking – in fact we spent three weeks in the Highlands of Scotland – camping for two of them – I know, you think we’re bonkers, but really, there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather go – pictures may well crop up here from time to time, just to remind me how wonderful it is.

2015-08-26 16.10.43

So, now it’s definitely feeling autumnal around here. The morning walks with the Delinquent Dog are turning decidedly damp lately, but it looks like being a wonderfully abundant autumn if the hedgerow is anything to go by – ‘dripping’ is the word that best describes it – both in wetness and sheer quantity of elderberries, sloes, rose-hips, crab-apples, holly and hawthorn berries hanging off the branches…

2015-09-01 12.32.01

And what news here?

Two exhibitions coming up in November. It felt such a long way away when we first thought about them, and now I can see myself frantically working out how many days I have to get things done.

I’m very excited to be going to the Celts exhibition at the British Museum next month.

And with any luck, a new boiler for the central heating before the cold really sets in – if not, I’ll be coming round to your house to keep warm!

It’s good to be back…

14 thoughts on “Here again…

  1. Lovely to have you back too Anny, especially as you’ve pointed out the British Museum Exhib – I might have missed that (puts large note in diary) Such lovely photos as well, you make Scotland look wonderful, but camping ….. gaaarsp, those days are definitely over for me!
    Good luck with the boiler 🙂

    1. Oh Kathy, Scotland IS wonderful and my pics don’t come anywhere near doing it justice! So excited about the Celts exhibition – I think it opens soon – I’m going in the middle of October.

  2. Who’d rather go to the Caribbean when you have such stunning location nearer to home without all the hassle of passports, airport lounges and so on? It looks stunning in the highlands and I know which I’d prefer. No good your coming here as we are also waiting to have a new boiler fitted! Thanks for your kind comment re the Alternative Travel book – I’ll add that idea to my list and you’ll be the first to know when it is published!

  3. Look at that beach – and you had some sunshine, too! (In short supply this summer!) Fantastic. I envy you your visit to the Celts exhibition and look forward to hearing about it!

    1. Jo, I may be imagining it, but I thought I read somewhere that the Celts exhibition was going to travel – I’ll try to check it out. Yes, we had really good weather – well in a Scottish context anyway! Even the midges only got to me on one evening – joy!

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